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Rocky Ridge Farm


Dried Garlic and Dried Garlic Scapes

We make dried garlic powder using our strong, flavourful Yugoslavian garlic.

We also dry scapes, they have a lovely mild "green" garlic flavour.

About Our Garlic

Yugoslavian - Is a hot, spicy hardneck garlic with 4-6 large cloves. It is a favourite with serious garlic eaters! Yugoslavian garlic retains its flavour  when used in cooking and  stores well.

Italian - Is a softneck variety, milder and sweeter with 8-10 smaller cloves. It is easy to braid and stores well.

It becomes very sweet when roasted and is delicious raw in salad dressings and hummus.

Red Russian - Is a hot, hardneck variety with 6 large cloves. We started growing it because people were requesting it. It stores well.

Early Purple Turban - This is our earliest garlic, a mildly bolting softneck with a medium strength. It develops a delicious earthy flavour when roasted. It doesn't keep well so is best eaten fresh.